Eco-Conscious – Environmental Benefits of COLORBOND® Steel

COLORBOND® steel has continued to gain mainstream acceptance globally as one of the most outstanding roofing and fencing materials available in the market today. Of course, there are numerous explanations behind this including the fact that COLORBOND® steel has been engineered with the environment in mind. To start off, it is energy efficient, much more durable compared to its peers, and most importantly – COLORBOND ® steel reduces the chemical emanations that adversely affect the ecosystem which makes it a favoured choice amongst many environmentally-conscious individuals.

A product of steel, COLORBOND is 100% recyclable with several ecological benefits to the biosphere. Some of the key benefits include:

There are no harsh chemicals used in the production of COLORBOND® steel

Chemical waste is a noteworthy environmental concern and a daunting concomitant of the manufacturing industry. Favourably, during the fabrication of COLORBOND® steel, there are no brutal synthetic compounds that are usually utilised. Consequently, the steel doesn’t discharge atrocious chemical wastes to the surroundings when in use.

COLORBOND® steel thus does not only deliver quality for your constructions but also diminishes the peril of sullying your environment particularly your soil & water sources. This attribute is one of the rationales as to why COLORBOND is quickly turning into one of the most sought-after sheet metal products across Australia and its environs!

COLORBOND® steel is One-Hundred Percent Recyclable

Maintaining a middle ground between the environment, humanity, and the economy is a crucial module even as we seek to meet our desires & requisites of the present day. We must ensure that we do so without compromising the ability of our children & their future generations to meet theirs. Correspondingly, given the rate at which our aquatic and physical environments are getting contaminated and appallingly affected as a consequence of hazardous chemical waste these days, it’s imperative that we assume liability and opt for recyclable materials as much as possible. Suitably, COLORBOND, a creation from hot-rolled coil steel is a 100% recyclable material.

COLORBOND® steel has a long lifespan. Even so, it will definitely reach the end of its life in the long run. When this happens, it can be reused and recycled instead of becoming a throwaway product in today’s world of quick replacements. This would, in turn, lead to negligible negative effects on the environment which is inherent for the sustainability of our habitation.  

Fences made of COLORBOND® steel are not susceptible to termites & pests

Dissimilar to wooden and other fences that are defenceless against termite invasion, COLORBOND® steel fences are not vulnerable to ruination or attrition from any form of pests. Many of us may not consider that termite perversions can cause issues with the environment. But, think about living in spots like Perth, where termites can be a serious snag.

Needless to say, it is not really about the actual infestation, but the methods which are used to counteract these destructive insects. Most termite and pest control strategies will, by and large, utilise harmful toxic concoctions which can pollute the environment and negatively affect our natural ecosystem. It is in this view that COLORBOND® steel is an inviting alternative given that you will never have to utilize harsh synthetic chemicals to control any vermin circumstances on your buildings. This will greatly help in sustaining the local ecosystem & ensuring that the general environment at large remains intact.

COLORBOND® steel helps reduces the energy used for cooling summer evenings which is important for the sustainability of our energy supply.

It is generally better to have a low thermal mass rooftop on the grounds that – in contrast to walls and floors – rooftops can’t be protected from the sun amid the hot months. Typically, thermal mass is the rate at which materials of your home can assimilate and hold heat. To keep your home cool during the sunny months, you need a roofing material which is compellingly effective in reflecting heat away from your abode.

COLORBOND® steel consolidates a special Thermatech® solar reflectance technology, intended to reflect an appreciable amount of the sun’s heat on hot radiant days. This implies COLORBOND roofs do not absorb immoderate heat from the sun. The less heat your rooftop ingests amid summer, the less you have to run your air conditioner.

A COLORBOND sheet metal roof top thus lessens the measure of the energy required to cool your home on a sweltering summer’s day, which results on a reduced impact on our country’s energy reserves. In other words, COLORBOND roofs help significantly to reduce the overall mechanical air-conditioning demand in Australia, sparing lots of energy for our nation.


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