Sheet Metal Specialists Recommend These 5 BlueScope Steel Products

For years, BlueScope Sheet Metal Supplies has provided businesses all over Australia with quality steel and impeccable customer service. The BlueScope brand has grown to become the choice supplier of various steel products, including mild steel, hot and cold rolled strip steel, metallic coated strip steel, pre-painted strip steel, plate steel, and hot and cold rolled coil. The company has long been able to deliver because of its fully integrated manufacturing and processing arms paired with their close alliance with their customers, giving them an opportunity to understand their clients’ business needs and deliver exactly what is required.

As sheet metal specialists, the teams at BlueScope consistently work to delivery value added services to their customers. Such services include the elimination of supply chain risk, the delivery of the right product at the right time through their Delivery in Full and On-Time (DIFOT) promise, the reduction of working capital requirements, and the easy and timely access to product information, technical data, and other needs. But what makes BlueScope truly stand out from the competition? It’s their variety of steel product offerings paired with their years of expertise that make them the choice providers in Australia.

BlueScope Steel Products For Your Next Project

BlueScope Steel’s Metallic Coated Strip Steel

Among BlueScope Sheet Metal Supplies’ range of products is the metallic coated strip steel, a steel sheet that’s equipped with a coating of corrosion-inhibiting metals or metal alloys that is applied using a continuous, hot-dip process. The metallic coated strip steel is a material that’s commonly used in a variety of industries in Australia, including the building and construction sector, which often uses this type of steel for profiling, cladding and roofing, as well as the creation of doors, stairs and ceilings. Metallic coated strip steel is also often applied in the production of furniture, air conditioning, tanks, and domestic appliances. BlueScope sheet metal specialists provide three types of metallic coated strip steel products, including the zinc coated steel galvanised strip, which brand names GALVABOND® and GALVASPAN® may be familiar to many. They also provide zinc aluminium coated strip in the form of GALVALUME®, ZINCALUME®, and TRUECORE® steel. Lastly, ZINCANNEAL® is a zinc iron coated strip which is a sheet steel that’s been coated with a zinciron alloy through the same continuous, hot-dip process.

Pre-Painted Strip Steel

BlueScope steel also offers Pre-Painted Strip Steel, which is a steel sheet that is protected by either a plastic laminate layer or a paint system and is often used in construction and transportation, and the production of household appliances and furniture. BlueScope’s Pre-Painted Strip Steel comes in the form of COLORBOND® steel, which is galvanised steel with a protective aliminium/zinc/magnesium coat and AQUAPLATE® steel, which is a galvanised formable steel with a food-grade polymer film. COLORBOND® steel is best applied in residential and commercial construction projects, as it is specifically designed to withstand Australian weather.

Cold Rolled Coil

One of BlueScope steel‘s strengths as a raw materials provider is its capability to provide a complete range of steel products for different manufacturing needs. Their Cold Rolled Coil offerings come in four different categories, namely Carbon and Hardness Products, Formable Products, Structural Products, and Vitreous Enamelling Products. Such cold rolled steel products are often used in the household appliance industry to produce washing machines, dishwashers, clothes dryers, refrigerators, stoves and hot-water boilers, and more. It’s also applied in the automotive, radiator, and packaging industries.

Hot Rolled Coil

BlueScope sheet metal specialists provide Hot Rolled Coil for a number of industries, including the agricultural, mining, automotive, construction, and aviation sectors. Hot Rolled Coil is produced in two hot rolled steel mills in Port Kembla and at the Western Port. These hot rolled products come in three categories, namely Analysis Products, Structural Products, and Formable Products. On top of providing high quality Hot Rolled Coil, BlueScope also allows for the flexibility to select steel that meets clients’ design criteria, whether it is strength, ductility, weldability, bendability and galvanisability.

BlueScope Steel’s Aluminium

When purchasing steel products for any construction or manufacturing project, choose products crafted by BlueScope steel, which also offers Aluminium materials. BlueScope’s Aliminium offering includes Extruded Aluminium Products, which are Aluminium Flats and Rounds, Angles and Channels, Hollow Sections, and Exclusives, as well as Rolled Aluminium Products such as Aluminium Sheet, Coil, Plate, Treadplate, Painted Aluminium Sheet, and Painted Aluminium Coil.

Sourcing for materials for any construction, manufacturing, or building project starts and ends with one name: BlueScope steel. From mild steel to steel plates and aluminium products, BlueScope Sheet Metal Supplies goes above and beyond expectations to deliver not only top notch, high quality products, but customer service that adds value to your business.

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