The Lead Agency – eBook Review

I’ve worked in insurance for many years and could never quite wrap my head around the marketing side of things. After reading insider secrets to insurance marketing, I now feel I can understand why our marketers take the approaches they do. This eBook simplifies concepts that previously had me stumped, and explains them using clear language. It’s not often that I find a resource that truly understands the unique marketing we face in the insurance industry, so I was surprised when insider secrets did just that.

At the moment we have a real focus on growing our insurance business, so I found the chapter on lead generation particularly beneficial. Not only did I learn about what lead generation is, but also in the same chapter read about some great strategies I could start implementing today. After reading that chapter I came up with some new concepts that I believe will help us achieve some of our core organisational objectives.

After reading about lead generation in insider secrets to insurance marketing, I reviewed my website and the content we’ve created recently. Upon doing this, I realised that we had hardly any calls-to-action, especially on our newsletter. I hadn’t even considered that calls-to-action could be negatively impacting our leads and, after making this observation, I have started adding them to all of our newsletters. Now, the newsletters I’m sending out have actually started converting and it was such a simple fix!

The set out of each chapter was fantastic, I felt that it made sense and was really easy to follow along with. Not to mention the great graphics throughout, which added a nice touch. I’ve found some informational books, regardless of their topic, overdo it with images and it takes away from the content. With insider secrets to insurance marketing, this wasn’t the case at all. All of the design aspects were thoughtful, fit the context, and actually aided in my understanding of the text.

I’ve read many insurance marketing books in my time, and it’s clear that this business to business marketing agency just get it. You can tell that the authors have extensive experience with B2B marketing in the insurance industry, their knowledge was relevant to my business context and addressed a lot of the complexities we run into on the daily.

Even though we have in-house marketing capabilities at the moment, I’m starting to think getting in touch with B2B marketing consultants could be a great idea. We’re beginning to expand pretty rapidly and, gaining specialised assistance from professionals who have extensive experience in the insurance industry is looking like a fantastic option to meet our growing needs.
Insider secrets to insurance marketing has given me a new perspective, and I can’t wait to continue trying out some of their strategies for my business. I’ve always wanted to know more about the types of approaches B2B marketing consultants use and why and, after reading this eBook, I feel confident that I’ve reached my goal.

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