Must-Have Documents for Your Land Development Project in Melbourne

Land development projects in Melbourne can be daunting, especially given the intricate process one must undergo and the accompanying permits and licenses. Those who decide to enter into the process do so with the help of a land surveyor and a town planner. These experts can assist you in ensuring that you submit all required approvals, applications and permits, get precise measurements for the land development and any other spatial data required. Whether you’re simply a client, an engineer, an architect or planner, land surveyors can take the brunt of the work from the planning phase. 

So, if you’re in the market to have your land development project off to a great start, make sure that you have all the necessary documents in place. Here’s a quick guide to everything you need before commencing on your development process. 

Feature and levels survey

Before starting any land development project, having a feature and levels survey is absolutely essential. It is the first step in the entire process and it details out the existing conditions of the land you will build on. It is an application that is submitted as part of the planning or building permit application. 

A feature and levels survey shows a variety of details of your land. This information is significant and showcases the following and more:

  • Spot levels and any contours on the site
  • Features and services over the site
  • Any significant trees (of varying sizes) on the site or near the defined boundaries of site
  • The exact location of the building site, any garage or sheds, ridges, gutters, eaves, etc.
  • The location, type and height of any and all boundaries, fences or walls existing on the land
  • The location of adjoining buildings including specific setbacks, parapets, levels on eaves, etc.
  •  The precise location of existing windows within 9m of the site’s boundaries (including head and sill heights)
  • Location of neighbouring buildings within 9m including all gutter and roof heights of them
  • Any visible road details directly in front of the site such as natures strip details, visible services and crossovers. 

Essentially, the features and levels survey provides all conditions of the site including the location of all topographical features of the land in question as well as any adjoining properties and the street. It is mandatory that the features and levels surveys have detailed information as this is the basis for town planners and relevant councils to assess the land prior to commencing development. This is the foundation for engineers and architects as well to evaluate any specific design changes.  

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Title Re Establishment Survey Melbourne

Feature and levels surveys are most often done along with title re establishment surveys. This type of survey details property boundaries and in Victoria, they can only be filled by a licensed surveyor. More information on re establishment of title surveys can be found here.

If you’re looking to get started on your land development project, don’t let the logistics get in the way. Hire the experts who will save you time, money and a whole lot of stress. The team at Linear Land Surveying have decades of experience and can help you with understanding what goes into a feature survey and even break down the re establishment survey cost. Contact the team here for a chat!

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