Electrical Checklist for Your New Home

There’s already plenty of things to keep in mind about a new home. Whether you’re building a new home, moving into a new house or even renovating your current home, make sure that you have conducted a thorough electrical safety check and have a plan in place. This is key when you’re thinking of furniture placement (and even the seasonal Christmas Tree), home theatre systems, light switches and more. If you’re looking for a quick (but thorough) guide to ensuring your electrical plan is up to scratch, you’ve come to the right place. Here’s your all in one electrical checklist for new homes! 

Plug points

The first thing you have to consider is the number of plug points you have in your house and where they are located. We’re halfway through 2019 with electrical devices dominating our lives. Whether that be your phone, laptop, tablet or a smart home device like Google Home, ensuring all your rooms have a sufficient number of plug points is key. Even consider your bathroom (think: electrical shaver or speakers). Your kitchen should be up there in terms of priority. The kitchen will have some of the most heavily used equipment such as your fridge, dishwasher, oven and microwave to name a few.


No matter how old you are, ensuring that your home is NBN ready is vital. Internet access, whether it be for Netflix and chill or for something a little more serious like your emails will require seamless internet connection. Additionally, some internet providers still require a phone line to install Wi-Fi access. Make sure your new home has one installed, as well!

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This one is a no-brainer but if you’re moving to a house with lighting fixtures already in place versus creating a plan are two different ball games. If you have the opportunity to design your own lighting, you can also keep in mind the interior decoration. However, if the original wiring is not in your control, understanding the layout will affect how you want to allocate certain rooms. 


Ensure that your home theatre system, wall speakers, underfloor heating and everything else have quality and safe wiring. This will reduce your overall maintenance requirements and ensure that they are working to standard. Overlooking your home electrical wiring can lead to dangerous consequences and be a headache to repair. 

Get the help of professional electricians Mount Albert

If you’ve moved houses, new or old, make sure that all your electrical wiring and placements are in place. This will make the entire process much easier. Looking to get the help of experts? Get in touch with the home electricians Mount Albert who can help you with house wiring and electrical plans. Even if you’re looking for maintenance work, the team at Northern Lights can provide all electrical services Mount Albert.

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