Desktop computer vs. Laptop computer – Pros and Cons

Deciding between a desktop and laptop computer can be tricky if you are one who is generally situated at one given spot whilst working. We have created a pros and cons list to make your decision a little easier:



If you are looking at the bottom of the range, well then believe it or not desktops actually win (just). However, in terms of cost compared to the functionality of the computer, both options are typically on par with one another these days. As you head into the more advanced models though, laptops do exceed the cost of desktop by quite a lot. 

Winner – Desktop


Screen Size

Clearly a no brainer that desktops win this category. Laptop screens are not too bad though considering they are a compact portable computer, with Mac models having screens as large as 15’inch. But if you are going to purchase a computer based solely on the screen size then desktops take the cake.

Winner – Desktop 



It is no lie that laptops are extremely portable given that it is what they are designed for. They are compact in size and are light enough to be easily carried around with you throughout the day. Desktops on the other hand are designed to be kept at one spot as they require cords and are much larger and heavier to carry. 

Winner – Laptops 



Desktop computers have the ability to use whatever size keyboard, whether you are wanting a small or large one, it is quite simple to select. Laptops on the other hand are limited as the size of the keyboard is dependent on the size laptop (generally the size goes by the screen size) you purchase. 

Winner – Desktop 



Laptops are definitely easier to bring into an Apple Repair Auckland team to be assessed compared to a desktop computer. However, desktop parts are easier to replace compared to laptops. With that being said MacBook repairs are much more advanced now that MacBook repairs can be completed in as little as 1-3 days! 

Winner – Both 


Power Usage 

Laptops use a lot less power compared to desktop computers. As laptops are composed using smaller components, less power is needed for them to run. Laptops have also been designed to be energy efficient as the key purpose of a laptop is its portability aspect of being able to work without being attached / tied down. Laptops also have a battery similar to desktops so that no work is lost during any unexpected power fluctuations or outages as the battery will automatically kick in. 

Winner – Laptops 


Overall it really depends what you are wanting to use the computer for, whether you are wanting the flexibility that comes with a laptop or are wanting the more stable option of a computer which comes with the perks of a larger screen size. If you are finding that you need an Apple Repair, The Core are Auckland’s leaders with Mac repairs and iMac Repairs. The Core can fix any damaged device, quickly and affordably.

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