Wedding blooms – Whats in trend for ’19 / ’20

Selecting the right flower arrangements for your big day can be quite the challenge. There are so many factors and elements to consider as they will need to tie in with the bride and wedding parties attire, the colour scheme of the event as well as the weather and surroundings. We have sourced the biggest wedding bloom trends that can be predicted for 2019 / 2020. 


Petite Bouquets

Small, simple yet elegant bouquets are expected to be on the rise. Inspired to compliment the dress and act as an underwhelming statement rather than attract one’s attention as let’s be honest, you can do this with the flower scheme within the reception.


The bigger the better

The wedding flower business has changed, in fact it is on the rise and the flower arrangements, or shall we say installations, are grander than ever. With the options of arch arrangements, cascading flower tables and hanging garlands, it is safe to say that flowers no longer only have the role of accompanying the bridal party down the aisle. Make a statement within the wedding reception with stunning flower installations that are worthy of a sneaky insta pic! Note – it is important to be mindful of the location (in relation to the temperature) of the wedding as it is important that the flowers remain in a comfortable climate so that the last. 


Flower walls

Create a beautiful photo opportunity for your guests with a flower / greenery wall. Ditch the idea of the over-used photo booth and use a flower wall instead. Insights tell us that the trend for 2020 will be greenery walls more so than flower walls. Think luscious green ferns. 


Don’t be afraid of rich colours

Colour should not be avoided in this upcoming wedding season, in fact it should be celebrated. Pair a deep, rich coloured flower with beautiful white tones to offset the darkness whilst creating a beautiful sombre mood into the room. 


Create a take-home station

At the end of the night, create a take-home station in which you guests can take home a beautifully wrapped bouquet of flowers that were featured within your flower installation earlier in the night. Ditch the typical wedding gifts and hire a florist instead to hand out the party favours to your guests. 


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