PS4 Vs Xbox X: Which is Better?

Both Sony and Microsoft have inspired some of the most incredible game-play experience that has created unparalleled loyalty between Team PlayStation and Team Xbox. So, if you haven’t already chosen your side of the field, it might seem a little daunting to pick one. If you’re looking to make the decision to jump on board the Sony or Microsoft ship, we’re here to walk you through the seemingly impossible choice. 

Yes, the PS4 has overtaken sales compared to the Xbox, but that’s no reason to completely ignore the possibility of purchasing a PS4. As such, there are pros and cons to both and we’ve made a comprehensive list to help you get sorted. It’s important to note that even loyal devotees of both camps are looking at the 2020 releases with immense anticipation. With Xbox Scarlett and PlayStation 5 both set to release next year, the features will be fresher and certainly more impressive. 

Let’s pause here for a second and give the PC a few seconds of fame. With an Nvidia RTX 2080 GPU, the PS4 nor Xbox One is a close match. However, that’s a story for another day. If you’re keen to invest in a console, here’s exactly how you can pick between the two. 

Looking Fresh: What to expect in 2020

Firstly, let’s look at what’s expected from Sony and Microsoft in 2020, seeing as most would wait until the new year to purchase a console. 

Xbox Two & Playstation 5

Xbox Two also called Xbox Project Scarlett and PlayStation 5 are set to be released somewhere towards the holiday months of the year – meaning around the October to December time period. So far, only one game on the Xbox Two and PS5 has been confirmed and that is Halo Infinite. The consoles will also have backwards compatibility and gamers can expect games such as Cyberpunk to make an appearance. The Xbox Two and PS5 are predicted to be tagged with a $500 price tag, however, no confirmation has been released on it.

Current Tug-of-war: What’s better?

Let’s first look at the price comparison. Truth be told, the prices on both these change like Melbourne’s weather. With deals, Amazon prime packages and Black Friday, the prices are never constant because there’s always a good deal out there. Save some money and use a price checker to get the best deal. 

Secondly, let’s visit the hardware and design of both consoles. Both consoles come in two versions: the original PS4 and its slimmer version, a 4K Pro and the XBox and its alternative version: Xbox One S Xbox One X. 

In comparison to all available variations of the consoles, the PS4 Slim is the thinnest one currently available. Although it doesn’t have 4K video resolution, it can play every game in its impressive library. 

In terms of connectivity, both consoles support the use of external hard drives with the Xbox One having more ports at the back of the console. On the other hand, although you can’t upgrade the internal hard drive on the Xbox One, you can do so on the PS4. 

When considering the power, the Xbox One X is the most powerful console, outperforming the PS4 Pro. With regards to the RAM, both systems have 8GB of RAM overall, however, the allocation of memory is very different. Most will consider the graphics one of the more important factors when considering which console to purchase. In saying so, the Xbox One Z has higher resolution and texture detail. 

In terms of what comes in the box, both consoles come up with a controller, trial offers and HDMI cable. However, the PS4 comes with a headset. There is no argument when it comes to which controller is better, the superior one is the result of personal preference.

There are many other features to the PS4 and Xbox One and the avid fans of console-gaming have done tremendous in-depth reviews and even YouTube tutorials walking you through the entire unboxing experience. 

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