Luxury Skincare: Is It Really Worth It?

Finding the right skincare is not an easy task, much like finding the right significant other. Some of us might even need to “date” around to find the perfect product and try all kinds of brands, from drugstore to luxury ones.

This often brings us the question of whether the most expensive ones are truly the all-mighty, cure-it-all skin treatment that it claims to be. What comes behind their hefty price tag? Is it really because of their excellent ingredients, or is it all just another marketing gimmick?


Today, we will show you why a heftier price tag might actually be worth the splurge.


High-Quality Ingredients

Just like food and furniture, quality does come at a price, and skincare products are no exception. Certain ingredients increase the cost of production for some products, such as retinol, a topical ingredient that is considered the gold standard in anti-aging creams and serums. The higher-priced retinol products usually contain more potent concentrations, while the cheap ones do not.

Moreover, other ingredients such as Vitamin C needs to have a specific concentration that allows the ingredients to be stable in their packaging. Sure, you might find some cheap Vitamin C products, but their formulation might not be as stable as the ones sold by luxury skincare brands.


Short Ingredient List

Just like the nutrition labels on food products, ingredients on the back of skincare products are listed in the order of the highest amount of quantity or concentration. And again, similar to food, the shorter the ingredient list, the better it usually is.

The product formulation should be focused on maximising a single or small combination of active ingredients, rather than mixing a long list of popular activities to attract buyers. If you see a long list of ingredients, it means that the product contains mostly filler and the most potent ones are too diluted to be effective. For example, in the case of medicated ingredients for acne such as salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide, mixing too many ingredients together in one product can cause them to be inactivated by each other.


You Actually See Results 

It’s not just a coincidence that many luxury brands often have a cult-like status with thousands of good reviews online. It has a reason: ther ingredients are actually potent enough that it actually worked on so many people, and they can prove it. Sure, the price might scare you, but you are saving so much time and money from trying hundreds of products just to find one that works.

Some brands even put forth the effort to prepare and publish clinical tests, showing evidence that their product actually works. Hence, before you invest in a super-luxe product, take the time to do your proper research. Go online and see if the brand is willing to support their claims by providing statistics or studies. 


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