Benefits From Maintaining Server Room Temperature

Server room or data centre is like the heart of every business. It is important to be aware of the environment and the optimal temperature  within the server room. Maintaining the temperature of a computer room or server is considered a quite challenging task, because of the substantial amount of heat produced by the computers or equipment inside the room. Excess amount of heat can cause damages to computers as well as decrease the productivity and life spans of computers and equipment. If you are currently thinking about installing a computer room cooling system, here we provide a list of benefits that you may get from maintaining server room temperature that you can take into consideration.


 Reduce risk of downtime

When installed in the temperature monitoring system, this system automatically gives warning or alerts when the temperature inside the server room rises above a certain level. This is to ensure that someone is aware and takes action in order to prevent overheating situations that may lead to downtime or damages in hardwares. 

Deficiency in A/C cooling that causes excessive heat, may also lead to the overheating of UPS in the server room. The overheating uninterrupted power supplies can affect important IT equipment installed in the server room. Therefore it is important to have a temperature monitoring device to keep an eye on potential issues for you. 

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Humidity controlling

Many electronic components are designed to operate within a specific range of humidity. High humidity environments in the server room can lead to disk drive failure, data loss, as well as down time. On the other hand, a low humidity environment can easily cause electrostatic discharge which can lead to the risk of  catastrophic failure of electronic devices. 


Maintaining airflow efficiency

Temperature sensors that are placed on the front and back of the server racks will help measure the airflow temperature of the servers. It is a good way to ensure that the cold air flows are not mixed with the hot air circulating in the server room as well as to measure the exhausted hot air from the servers in the appropriate ranges.


Reduce company expense

Not only that monitoring server temperature can improve the efficiency and productivity of the servers but server monitoring devices can also expand the lifespan of your equipment leading to the reduction in expenses of replacing new equipment and the cost from fixing the damaged devices.


Server room planning

The temperature data collected from temperature monitoring devices inform the total cooling loads and airflow distribution of the current server room layout. You can apply this information to maintain the suitable layout to manage the best airflow as well as plan for adding new equipment to manage the excess heat load. 


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