5 Gift Ideas for Your Best Mate

Did you know that receiving gifts induces feelings of connectedness and being cared for? We may experience this ourselves, but we tend to smile and feel loved when someone gives us gifts, which is why it is important to give gifts that are compatible with the receiver’s personality or style. 

In this article, we list down five gift ideas that can always be appreciated by your best mate. 

Shopping Mall Gift Cards 

For some mates that you may not be close enough to understand what they like or need, a shopping mall gift card may be the perfect gift for them. At Milford New Zealand, they are able to shop at many different retailers and choose their own gifts according to their liking. You are not just giving them a gift, but you’re giving them the freedom of choice. 

Matching Items 

Depending on the closeness of your relationship, getting a matching gift item can be a good option to signify the depth of your closeness. Examples of matching items include matching bracelets, tumblers, keychains, clothes, and others. The key is to get fun and be creative with the products. 

Event Tickets of Vouchers 

Rather than getting the common mug, scarf, or stationery, getting your best mate tickets or vouchers of unique events may be a better option. For example, your best mate loves wine. Then, a good gift idea is a wine tasting voucher at a winery. Another good option is a paint and sip event voucher. If their hobby is fitness, then you can give them a free 1-month membership, or a ticket to a fitness expo. The options are limitless, but you are getting them an experience not to forget. 

Easy-to-Maintain House Plant

Ever since the pandemic, house plants are on-trend, as they are able to spice up your house and make it feel more homey and warm. Although it may seem like a simple idea, house plants are widely appreciated. Keep in mind that it is always safer to give houseplants that are easy to maintain, such as cactuses and desert plants, unless you know that your best mate enjoys plants that need serious maintenance. 

Anything else? 

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