5 Tips to Look More Fashionable All Year

Fashion is a huge umbrella term that covers style, seasonality, statement pieces, politics, and others. At its core, fashion is a way for designers and individuals alike to express themselves, whether it be their thoughts, opinions, or personality. Finding your own personal style to look more fashionable can be quite the challenge, which is why we list down 5 tips for you to do so all year round. 

Colour Coordinate 

Start colour coordinating two or three colours and work your accessories and make-up around them. The easiest colour combinations are black or white with any other colour. Aside from black or white, not all colours go together well, which is why you need to visualise the colours and maybe do a little research online on the colour combinations. 

Pick a Versatile Staple 

Depending on what look you are trying to achieve, versatile staples come in handy on days where you just can’t be bothered spending too long to get ready. For a casual look, black skinny jeans can never go wrong. If you’re aiming for an edgy look, a leather jacket paired with any tight skirt, dress, or jeans will nail the look. To make a look more professional, a blazer is your saviour. On Friday nights when you feel like going out, but unsure of what to wear, a black dress is always the way to go. 

All the above examples may seem simple, however, when you add accessories to the mix, the final look will be gorgeous! 

Wear a Matching Set 

Gone are the days when matching sets are only fit for school uniforms. Rocking a matching set is the easiest way to achieve a more fashionable look. Any two-piece combination, such as a pantsuit, skirt suit, knit set, or even sweatsuit looks automatically fashionable. What’s left is for you to pick your footwear and accessories. Simple, right? 

Experiment with Proportions

Creating a fashionable look is all about varying proportions and playing with contrast. Pair an oversized bomber jacket with a tight, tube top or bra top underneath. Pair baggy jogger pants with a bodysuit. Pair a bulky crop top with tight shorts. 

The combinations are endless, have fun with different proportions and find the ones that speak to you the most! 

Do a Partial Tuck 

Whether you’re wearing a sweater, a tank, or a loose tee or shirt, just grab the middle of the piece and loosely tuck it down. By not doing a full tuck, you are creating an effortless style that looks chic without trying too hard. Give this a go for yourself! 

What’s Next? 

So, you’ve got all the tips in your arsenal and now realise that you need to shop for several fashion pieces. Well, make sure to visit Milford New Zealand, the best shopping mall in Auckland. Here, you can find heaps of fashion brands from streetwear to high fashion, such as Witchery Auckland, Decjuba, Body Haven, flo & frankie, and many more! 

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