5 Trends Shaping the Future of Packaging

There has been a big shift in the way manufacturers used to work in the past, thanks to the modern technologies that trigger ease and streamlined structure of working. Long ago, factories hired a huge number of workers to carry out every activity- this consumed more time and created chaos. However, presently, tasks are automated and accomplished efficiently with the help of high-tech machines and other gadgets.

The next-generation packaging machines are being designed without control cabinets and are increasingly vertically and horizontally connected. Big data analyses, smart maintenance, process equipment, and model-based engineering have unleashed tremendous potential. But even conventional automation tasks can be handled more easily with open interfaces and integrated functions. 

What are the trends increasing the need for automation? Here are five of them:


1) Manufacturer’s Cost-Cutting Focus

In recent years, labor rates have skyrocketed in many places. Consequently, the pressure is on for manufacturers to find cost savings somewhere. As such, they’re looking more closely at the role of automation in their processes.

Furthermore, automation equipment is also now more able to perform complex actions at low operating costs, hence it’s simply becoming the next natural step.


2) Easy-to-Install Packaging Automation Machinery

Packaging automation equipment isn’t just for the biggest companies with the largest budgets. It’s already being produced so it’s affordable for even small and medium businesses.

Because of this, it’s already becoming a widely adopted technology.


3) The Food and Beverage Industry Is Primed for Growth

The food and beverage market is projected to grow anywhere from 10-12%, depending on the source you read. Another market segment is dairy alternatives like soy, almond, and coconut milk. 

With such amazing growth projections in place, this market is primed for increased packaging automation use.


4) IoT Data to Help Manufacturers Maximise Gains

The simple use of automation is a start. However, companies will also have IoT devices collecting data. It will take years to understand that data and use it to increase production efficiency.

However, you can rest assured it will be yet another factor driving the growth in packaging automation.


5) Changes in eCommerce

It is no surprise that eCommerce is predicted to grow faster than ever in 2021, and more so in the coming years. Many physical stores are shutting their brick-and-mortar locations, especially during the pandemic, showing the extent to which eCommerce is dominating the marketplace.

As eCommerce becomes more popular, brands will have to try harder to stand out, and this is going to affect their packaging designs. In 2021, packaging will become far more personalized to reflect the brand’s style and personality. We’ll begin to see more unusual packaging designs, whether they have an innovative gimmick added or are simply more eye-appealing.

Another factor in eCommerce packaging that will grow in importance this year is the amount of packaging that brands use. The total packaging material involved in a product will need to be carefully considered. Too much packaging will give the brand a reputation for being environmentally unfriendly, while too little packaging will make the brand seem generic or even cheap—and potentially allow too many products to get damaged during shipping. In order to find the balance between the two and help them optimise efficiency, many brands will opt to use Industrial packaging systems.


What’s Next?

Because of these 5 trends, packaging automation remains primed for amazing growth. In order to prepare, it’s time for your company to understand exactly how it could increase your efficiency and reduce your costs with custom automation solutions. If you are looking for Open mouth bag filler or Mechanical conveyor for your business, Aurora Process is the right solution. Enquire today.

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