Corporate Branded Items to Improve Employee’s Productivity

Over the past few months, most businesses have gone through several changes in response to a COVID-19 world. One of the most noteworthy and widespread changes is the shift to remote work — a decision that undoubtedly has both benefits and challenges. Requiring employees to do their jobs from the safety of their homes effectively keeps them safe and healthy, but it also means that those employees have to adjust their spaces and habits. And what does this mean for productivity?


Working from your couch, kitchen, or even your home office can cause lots of distractions and lack the motivation and collaborative environment of office space. So, to keep business running smoothly, employers should find ways to encourage their team to stay focused and work effectively. When done correctly, remote work can even increase productivity.


The right corporate branded items not only strengthen your branding for work-from-home employees, but they’re also helpful for establishing healthy work habits, keeping employees connected, and motivating them to stay productive. Here’s how you can keep your team productive — or even increase their productivity — while they’re working from home or in the field. 


Inspire Creative Thinking with Decoration Items

Creating a good work environment for your employees at home is about more than just giving them the tools to do their job. It’s also essential for employers to be sure their team is happy. After all, cheerful, enjoyable spaces keep employees focused and make them less likely to seek out distractions during the day. Sending a couple of cheap branded pens would definitely help them to work more productively, too.


Work Smarter with Branded Tech Items

There’s no doubt about it — remote work wouldn’t have the possibilities today without technology. Thanks to video conferencing and project planning/managing apps like Asana and Zoom, teams can communicate and collaborate, whether they’re a few miles or a few time zones away from each other. Your business can provide customers with the accessories they need to make their workday as efficient as possible with personalised merchandise.


Keep Them Video Call-Ready

Employees who work at home are bound to make loungewear their new uniform. By providing high-quality and fashionable corporate apparel that they’ll love to wear around the house, you can be sure your team is ready for any last-minute Zoom calls.


Bring Your Brand Closer to Them

With Promote It’s selection of company branded promotional items, you can find various ways to help your employees and customers set up the perfect at-home workspace, be it cheap branded pens or corporate apparel.

Don’t see something right for your business? Check out our full selection of custom office products, or give us a call to find the proper personalised promotional items for your brand.

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