Axiom: Office Interior Design for Future-Focused Workplaces


Axiom is a dedicated group of elite interior designers that produce incredible office spaces, allowing companies to thrive. Axiom transforms workplace environments into future-focused contemporary offices where staff are happy to spend their time.

Axiom designs utilize the most up to date research to direct their designs to maximize staff well being and productivity. One size fits all office designers are no longer acceptable or appropriate. This is why Axiom curate and tailor design to meet the ergonomic need for individual clients. Axiom believes that offices should represent the aesthetics and values of the particular brand.

Axiom understands that every company’s optimal team contains individuals who are likely to have very different workplace needs. Their office fit outs offer a mixture of ergonomic environments for all working styles, so you don’t have to force a square peg into a round hole. Axiom interior design makes it easier for companies to acquire and retain the right talent.

Companies own CEO and Staff understand their business better than everyone else; this is why axiom stays thoroughly engaged with their clients throughout the process. Helping clients to visualize the unique space they are being created. This ensures the final result surpassed expectations.

Environmental sustainability is a priority; so helping businesses design spaces that make it easier to follow sustainable practices is always a goal. An additional benefit of this is that it can substantially reduce energy costs (especially over the long term). It can also improve the health and satisfaction of employees, and attract clients who want to associate themselves with like-minded brands.

Axioms project process consists of three distinct phases:

Phase 1. Insight

Axiom will work with the client to Audit and analyse their workplace requirements, both immediate and for the future.

Phase 2. Ideation

Axiom conceives the design of your ideal future workplace and builds out the precise project details.

Phase 3. Implementation

Axiom oversees every element of construction and execution of their vision, ensuring a safe and successful outcome.

Throughout the completion of the entire project, Axiom remains responsive and available for discussion of any grand or minute project details. They assume 100% responsibility for all of the elements of the project, ensuring clients are consulted at every phase of the process.

This is partially why Axioms impact goes far beyond the incredible aesthetics. They create multigenerational workplaces that are optimized for accessibility, different working styles and foster better collaboration between staff.

Axioms elite teams of interior designers are available for transformative office fit outs in Melbourne as well as other major Australian cities including Sydney, Brisbane, Canberra, Adelaide and Perth.

If you’re interested in Axioms work, have a look at some of the incredible past projects on their website, or get in touch on 1300 11 22 32

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