What is SEO

It stands for Search Engine Oprimisation. SEO is the straightforward movement of guaranteeing a site can be found in web indexes for words and expressions significant to what the website is putting forth. In many regards, it’s basically quality control for sites. Having said that, if there was ever an industry that was minimal comprehended by sources it’s SEO. One example of an company that specialises in SEO is Melbourne SEO agency Digital Squad.

Why do we need SEO

SEO is the organic or the unpaid side of digital marketing that helps Ads on search engines to rank higher. In simpler words, small to medium sized organizations that cannot pay the big money needed for paid search are the ones who rely on SEO for their growth digitally.


The web tools that interpret information from websites and codes and bring up the results are called crawlers. Until the point when search engines can catch the web through osmosis, this revelation stage will dependably be fundamental. For example, Google, in light of information produced within a short time, sorts and investigates URLs continuously to settle on indexation choices


Once the URLs are crawled, the next step is Indexing them before they appear on the search results. Storing and crawling of webpages in a database is the primary function of Indexing.


These are instrumental in pulling up results by a search engine by describing the contents of the webpage. Keywords are the basic source of memory for the search engines to recognize and crawl specific content. For example, a 5-star Hotel campaign should consist of keywords like ‘Hotels, Luxury Hotels, etc’.

Relevance and Popularity

These terms go hand in hand from an SEO point of view. Keywords and webpages need to be closely aligned by ‘Relevance’ for the results to rank higher. The transparency between relevance and popularity determines the rank of a search result.

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