How Technical Maintenance can improve lifespan of Digital Air Conditioning Units


An air conditioning unit is a significant investment to your home or business, which means it’s important to look after it correctly.

Following the steps below ensures your system is functioning to its full potential and will last for years to come.

  • Firstly, make sure the power is off on all air conditioning units
  • Wipe down the inside unit surfaces with a warm, damp cloth. A mild detergent may also be used, provided it doesn’t strip the plastic
  • If the coil needs cleaning, do so with a brush or damp cloth, being careful not to bend the fins. If needed, a comb can be used to restraighten them
  • Remove the filters, vacuuming out any dust or debris that has accumulated
  • If the outdoor unit is dirty, remove it and place on a clean surface. If moving is difficult, get in touch with a professional office moving company.
  • Check the electric elements are turned off and clean the filter before moving onto the coils. The coils can be cleaned with a coil cleaner or spray detergent, which should be left on for several minutes before gently washing off
  • Allow the unit to air dry naturally before reassembling

How regularly your air conditioner needs cleaning will depend on how often it is used. To maximise use and capability, clear the filter out fortnightly and complete a full clean once a month.

Failure to do so will see the air conditioner become clogged with dirty particles, preventing the flow and circulation of clean air.

If you’re not confident at regular upkeep, get in touch with Ben’s Refrigeration for all your air conditioning and refrigeration needs.


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