Top 5 Bridal Flower Trends of 2019

We assure you, love isn’t the only thing that’ll bloom at your wedding with these flower bouquet trends of 2019. Whether you want a bouquet to compliment your show-stopping bridal dress, a boho style bouquet or one laced with dried flowers, the choice is yours and yours alone. Each bride and wedding is different and your local florist Auckland can help you put together the perfect bouquet. Let the flowers add a touch of artful oomph to the day and check out these top five bridal bouquet styles of 2019!

Foliage wedding flowers

green bouquets
Green Bouquets | Credit: One Fab Day

Green is the new in. A celebration of rustic woodsy aesthetic with a natural aura, a foliage wedding flowers perfectly underpins a statement dress. If you want to add a touch of colour, opt for subtler choices such as baby’s breath or Queen Anne’s lace. Foliage bouquets are often paired with eucalyptus, ferns, Israeli ruscus, and ranunculus. The beauty of a foliage bouquet is the freedom to pair whatever flower you want. You can find bouquets with hints of rosemary among the leaves, as well!

Dried Flowers

dried flower wedding bouquets
Dried Flower Bouquet | Credit: Martha Stewart Weddings

Dried flower bouquets are no longer an old fashion trend nor are they done for the purpose of a keepsake of your wedding. Fall in love with sun-bleached pastel hues marrying various colours, textures and patterns. Whether that is unique flowers, leaves, grasses and a variety of other botanical choices, give your bouquet a touch of old-world aesthetic. Although dried flowers have a muted colour palette and aren’t as fragrant as its fresh counterpart, the subtly of the trend allows you to pick and choose a unique bouquet that parallels your vision of rustic and outdoorsy. Even more so, feel free to pair up some dried flowers with fresh botanicals for added variety


Sustainable flower bouquet

With the world moving towards more sustainable practices, so are brides with their bouquets. Although this is not a trend but an active effort for the environment, sustainability is about choosing a few flower decorations as opposed to going all out. Whether that be one centrepiece or reusing their flowers for the reception, it’s an environmentally conscious effort that is beautiful on an even more stunning day.


monochrome flower bouquet
Monochrome Bouquet | Credit: Martha Stewart Weddings

A bouquet of colourful flowers is a classically beautiful statement piece, but monochrome is just as stunning. Made popular my Meghan Markle’s all-white bouquet on her wedding day, choosing one colour or shades within a colour can add amp up a minimalist style wedding. If you don’t want to go overboard, opt for muted colours within a larger monochrome bouquet to keep things playful.


coral bridal bouquet
Coral Bouquet | Credit: Martha Stewart Weddings

The Pantone colour of 2019 is coral so it’s no surprise that brides have chosen said colour across their floral arrangements and beyond. For brides who want to go bold and leave the subtlety at home, infusing coral into a floral bouquet will be the touch of colour that shines across.

Although a relatively small part of a wedding, a flower bouquet can enhance the gown, the glow of the wedding and be a representation of something bigger. No matter what you choose, whether it’s classic or modern or somewhere in between, choose a bouquet that you love and will cherish as part of the entire experience! Botanist is a New Zealand based florist specialising wedding flowers and even corporate flowers arrangements. With their online flower delivery, say goodbye to the hassle and hello to stress-free flower shopping.

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