Monthly Birth Flowers

Every month of the year has a unique birth flower symbolising that particular period. It can be useful to know monthly birth flowers when purchasing a gift as it creates greater meaning and relevance to the receiver. Monthly birth flowers interchange monthly unlike start signs interchanging on particular dates.



January is the month of the Carnation flower; this particular flower is available in a range of colours all which represent a different meaning. A light red carination resembles admiration whereas a dark red represents affection, while white is innocence, pink is affection, purple is unpredictability and yellow is disappointment.



Violet flowers are the birth flower for February, they carry a delicate floral fragrance and represent innocence and true love.



March is the month for the Daffodil flower which is a cheerful flower blooming in March and varying in colours from white, yellow and orange. It symbolises prosperity and new beginnings.



April is represented by the Daisy flower which symbolises purity, innocence and childbirth. Daisy flowers are also commonly gifted to new mothers or new beginnings.



Is the month for the Lily of the Valley flower which only blooms for a short duration in May, it is sweetly scented and represents happiness and hope.



Roses are the birth flower for June, like the Carnation flower it is available in a range of different colours representing different meanings, however the rose in particular represents romance and faith.



July is represented by the Water Lily flower which is a unique flower found floating above water, it symbolises purity and majesty.



The Gladiolus is the birth flower for August which grows in a variety of colours including pink, red, orange, purple, white and yellow. As a flower it symbolises strength, generosity and integrity.



Aster flowers are the birth flower for September, they are grown in the wild and represent love, wisdom and faithfulness.



October is the month of the Marigold flower which is golden, and spice scented, it symbolises creativity, passion and driven.



Is the month of Chrysanthemum flowers, these are available in a range of colours symbolising particular meanings, however as a whole the Chrysanthemums represents loyalty and love.  The Chrysanthemums is also the official national flower of Japan



Holly is the birth flower of December; it represents defence and protection and is strongly associated with Christmas.


Each month has a unique birth flower and symbolised meaning, it provides an opportunity to choose meaningful birthday bouquets. If you’re looking for the perfect birthday bunch visit The Botanist florist Auckland CBD, don’t worry if you’ve left it to the last minute they even offer online flower delivery and can also cater corporate flowers.




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