Pre/Post Gym Skin and Hair Care

Going to the gym or exercising is a popular activity included in many people’s daily routines, however pre/post workout skin and hair care is often overlooked. There is a variety of tips to use pre and post workout to avoid greasy, sweaty, red and sticky skin or hair.



Before entering the gym or beginning a workout here are a few simple steps you can do to prepare yourself:

  1. Remove any makeup as it carries bacteria into all of your pores when you sweat and creates breakouts
  2. If your hair is long enough to be tied up only do so lightly, if you pull it really tight your hair sits to your scalp and makes it go greaser
  3. Make sure to apply deodorant and remove any residue from creams, fake tan or other chemicals from your body.
  4. You’re ready!



After exercising there are a few simple things to help your body recover quickly, they include:

  1. Have a cold shower to remove any sweat and get your body temperature back down
  2. Apply a nourishing moisturiser to your whole body as it reduces any dryness
  3. Apply appropriate skincare routine, followed by SPF if you’re planning on going outdoors
  4. Apply dry shampoo if your hair is looking greasy, this tip can also be done pre exercising if you prefer. The dry shampoo absorbs sweat and leaves your hair looking fresh and healthy

It really is as simple as that!

These four easy and affordable pre and post exercising tips will help your hair and skin recover from exercising and maintain a fresh and healthy look. For more tips on how to maintain your skin pre and post exercising visit The Spring Store NZ, the skin care shop providing a great skin care range and is listed as one of the top skincare brands in NZ

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