Highlights from the Apple Music Awards 2019


Record 1/2

The first ever Apple Music awards was December 04 2019. The awards are dedicated to celebrating the greatest and boldest musicians of the year.

There are a range of awards across five distinguishing music categories, the winners are chosen based on their global popularity and music. Further awards for breakthrough artist of the year, album of the year and songwriter of the year are also rewarded. A team of global Apple Music expects make the final decision based off their Apple data. Apple data associating to the award winners includes the frequency of Music customers have been listening to on a global scale and other streaming data. Some of the awards were given to the following musicians in 2019:

Artist of the Year & Songwriter of the Year

Billie Eilish took home artist of the year 2019 at the Apple Music Awards. Born in 2001 Billie Eilish is extremely young compared to other artist in the industry.  Billie Eilish is an American who won the 2019 awards with album “WHEN WE ALL FELL ASLEEP, WHERE DO WE GO”. This album had over a billion global streams in 2019, awarding the young American with the title. Billie Eilishs brother Finnneas, is her songwriter who also received Songwriter of the year with Billie in 2019 at the Apple Music Awards night.

Song of the Year

Lil Nas X won Song of the year with his “Old Town Road” single in 2019. Old Town Road is described as a smash country-rap hit that Lil Nas X remixed and turned into a sensational hit. Lil Nas X turned into an overnight star with the very catchy and listenable Old Town Road song in 2019.

Breakthrough Artist of the Year

Lizzo was awarded at the Apple Music Awards 2019 as Breakthrough Artist of the Year. Lizzo is also an American singer and songwriter who performs a range of pop and hip-hop songs incorporating some soul, R&B and fun pop. Lizzo is full of immense energy and is very hyperactive. She powerfully promotes self-love and is very iconic for the who she represents as an individual.

The Apple Music Awards will now be held annually at the end of every year, to continue celebrating the significant Musicians of the year.  To keep up with the latest Apple Music make sure you get all of your MacBook repairs and iPhone repairs at The Core. The Core specialises in Apple repairs Auckland so will ensure your device is repaired and able to stream Apple music.

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