5 Relevant Technology Marketing Strategies in 2020

Tech companies are undeniably in the forefront of global change. Everything from banking to communications, retail and even the food industry has been impacted by digital technologies. Such technologies are positioned as solutions to modern day problems. Which is why the assumption is that it should not be difficult to market such products. This assumption is false. These companies still need technology marketing strategies to reach their customers where they are, whether it’s on social media, email, or other platforms. It is especially important in this era where more and more companies and start-ups are competing to catch a market’s attention and eventually land a sale. This is where technology marketing strategies play a role. For tech companies catering to other organizations, it’s important to develop and implement business to business marketing strategies to help get one’s self in the door and connect with the right decision makers where they are: on the right channels.


Technology marketing strategies that work in 2020

Not all tech companies have the resources to develop and implement technology marketing strategies on their own. While their core competencies may lie in developing new tech, these companies may struggle when it comes to marketing their ideas. There is an option to enlist the help of a technology marketing agency to develop key strategies that will work for one’s tech business. Here are some useful technology marketing strategies that work in 2020.


Build a well-designed technology marketing website.

A well-designed website with thoughtfully curated content gets tech companies halfway in the door. A tech company’s website must be designed and optimized well because it is most often the first customer touch point. Decision makers and audiences in general leave a website if it does not load fast, does not contain the information the customer is looking for, and does not make it easy to navigate. A good website is one that provides a great overall user experience. Mobile optimization is also important, as according to Statista, 52% of web traffic worldwide comes from mobile. More importantly, Google drives 96% of mobile search traffic. On top of providing a great user experience, a tech company’s website must also provide calls to action, as this is one of the ways the business can measure if their technology marketing strategies are indeed effective.


Provide high value content to decision makers and audiences.

Content is king, which is why almost every business with an online presence is churning out content after content to help get customers through the door. But for tech companies, content generation is not enough. A good business to business marketing strategy would be to provide high value content to decision makers. According to Insidia, consistently providing target audiences with valuable content helps “foster long-term trust between your target buyers and your brand.” This can be done by telling unique stories, personalizing content to fit certain groups of decision makers, such as those in the same industry, and ensuring that real value is delivered through the content.


Present thought leadership on technology marketing and industry news.

Thought leadership has been around for a while now and it’s not surprising to find it in a tech company’s business to business marketing strategy. Thought leadership offers an opportunity to tell your unique story. After all, not all businesses are the same. Cofounders and co-CEOs of Werk Annie Dean and Anna Auerbach told Forbes, “CEOs of companies big and small, old and new have the unique opportunity to use their platforms to encourage dialogue, foster a sense of community, and facilitate innovation within their areas of expertise and beyond. They have the ability to spark important conversations that promote forward-thinking initiatives.” Unique stories make for valuable content to share.


Offer interactive content and tools that engage the audience.

Quizzes, testes, calculators, and surveys. There’s a reason why people are drawn to these marketing tools: higher engagement. When audiences engage with an online quiz or calculator, it presents information that’s unique to the user. Insidia reports that such business to business marketing tools tend to result in “deeper engagement and higher quality lead generation because prospects are more invested in the outcome.” These interactive tools are applicable on the business’ website or as an offer in an email marketing campaign.


Highlight customer reviews.

This is the age of customer empowerment. When people want to purchase an item or go to a restaurant, they read reviews, mostly to ensure that they get the most value from their purchase. The same goes for business to business marketing. Decision makers will want to compare a tech company’s products with their competitors, so it’s important to have yours reviewed by both professional reviewers and existing customers, Fifty Five and Five recommends.

A technology marketing agency can help tech businesses develop and implement these and other important marketing strategies in 2020. Business to business marketing agencies are skilled in developing marketing programs that are specific to an industry, for example, law firms. A marketing agency with teams catering to law firm marketing can aid in developing specific law firm digital marketing programs to help these companies achieve their business objectives. Get in touch with a business to business marketing agency today and build better strategies that work in 2020.

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