Electrical Safety For Your Children

These days, household electricity becomes significantly essential for everyone in the house. We rely on them not only for the lighting but also for other appliances and other electrical devices. While we are utilising the benefits from them, it is crucial not to overlook the potential danger that may occur to the children in your house. As an adult, it is better to ensure you educate your children about the safety tips, and basic knowledge of the danger of electricity, in order to protect the children from any accident that may occur.

Child proof safety 


Cover the outlets


To keep your curious little ones away from the temptation of poking or inserting anything into the outlets or plugs, do not leave any exposed outlets inside the house. Cover them with baby proofing outlet cover, or slide safety plates to prevent little fingers or other objects being inserted in the power outlets. You can also rearrange the furniture to cover any unnecessary or unused outlets out of their sight.


Keep away the extension cords


In case you are using the extension cord, you can also hide the electric cord with the rubber cable protector, or hide them behind the furniture to keep them out of their sight. Ensure to cover the outlet with outlet safety cover to double the protection.


Keep electrical devices out of their reach


 Electrical devices or appliances such as toasters, kettle, or a hair dryer should always be kept out of their reach. Not only to ensure the electrical safety for the children but also prevent the risk of any injuries that may happen.


Always check the outlets


As a parent, it is important to keep an eye on the outlets whether they have a scorch mark, sizzling sound or sparkling light coming off the outlet. Because those are the signs that they are overloading from power surge and may need to be replaced to prevent any risk of causing fire. You can consult with the residential electricians in Auckland for advice on burnt outlets or house rewiring.

Safety tips for your child


Water and electricity


When your children are at the suitable age, it is important to educate them about the potential danger that may happen when water and electricity are combined. They should know that these two should not be mixed. For example, let them know that they have to dry their hand every time before touching electrical devices, outlets, or cords. 


How to plug cord in


Educating them how to properly plug cords is also another important thing for their safety. They should know that the plug needs to be held when it is inserted as well as when it is removed. Never pull a plug out by its cord.


Stay away from power lines


When they are exploring outside the house, let them know to stay away from the power lines. Some power lines may be broken or fallen off, it is important to always remind them not to touch or stay anywhere near them. 


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